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Blairs Officially Invited to Join Tories

You know things are going badly for you when not only are the Lib Dems ahead of you in the polls, but your iconic former leader and saviour of your party’s electoral fortunes is being wooed by your main opponents.

News from Jean-Paul Floru, Conservative European candidate and (currently) Westminster Councillor is that his local branch has invited Tony and Cherie Blair, recent arrivals in his ward, to join the party. OK, so every new resident gets the letter, but one wonders whether relations between Cherie and Gordon have really thawed that much two years’ on.

Westminster Conservatives are awaiting your answer, Tony.


One response to “Blairs Officially Invited to Join Tories

  1. Tyler June 2, 2009 at 5:32 am

    Hey, I’m intrigued by the Libertarian movement. But, I can’t make myself believe that all industries would function smoothly without someone playing referee. Especially the health care industry, I’ve always thought that free-market systems only work when there is abundant information to the consumer and they could make the best choice. I don’t see how that’s possible in the medical field; unless you’re a doctor you can’t possibly argue with what one is telling you. Feel free to chime in on the issue, I like to hear more viewpoints than my own. I also have a post up about the medical industry as well, feel free to give it a read and a comment.

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