Vir Cantium

I'm right, you know …

Cometh the Day

So a day of sitting outside polling stations awaits. I have my Private Eye and the Draft London Housing Strategy to keep me sane. Yes, I truly live for election day!

Meanwhile, the long slow death of Gordon Brown’s career continues. As a long time Conservative, it’s difficult to be an impartial judge, of course, but surely things weren’t this bad for John Major in ’96 were they?

One still wonders who would actually want the job. Surely better to take over once the unwinnable battle has been fought and lost. Wouldn’t Brown’s successor rather start with a “clean” slate? To have four or five clear years of the luxury of opposition with which to rebuild the party, when the only way is up? Even in the bunker, most will know what’s ahead … and they probably know that if anyone does take over before the general election, they won’t so much be captain of the Titanic, as in charge of the lifeboats … but perhaps that is the attraction of an “early” succession.


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