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Ignoring Them Won’t Make Them Go Away

So the BNP have won some seat in Europe. Quelle surprise. Cue much gnashing of teeth and breast beating.

Various talking heads, both today and previously, talk of the BNP being a “threat to democracy”. A threat to democracy would be not taking on a legitimate political party on the issues, and exposing the intellectual paucity of their ideas. A threat to democracy would be jumping up and down accusing them of being racist and hoping that, for that reason, they will be silenced. A threat to democracy would be, as some have called for, the BNP to be excluded from the electoral process, simply because we find their views distasteful.

Trying to exclude the BNP only plays to their image as alternatives to the mainstream parties. A big PR coup for them was not being invited to Buckingham Palace, but the attempts to stop Griffin getting there. The BNP in Barking and Dagenham, as the main opposition party there, have Margaret Hodge‘s shrill warnings to thank for the boost to their campaign in the 2006 council elections.

The BNP will not be defeated by a bunch of soap-dodgers waving placards outside a count, or marching well after the event. Delaying Nick Griffin’s entry into the count wasn’t going to stop him being elected. To stop the BNP we have to get off our moral high horses, ditch the sanctimonious tone and simply address the concerns of their voters more effectively than they do. It really shouldn’t be that difficult. After all, strip away the immigration policies, and you’re left with some old fashioned socialists.


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