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Guido Going Soft on the Beeb?

So last weekend was a great one for the Beeb, and another chapter in the continuing story of the many ways the BBC finds to waste its ill-gotten gains. Last weekend saw 407 BBC staff sent to Glastonbury – almost as many as attended the Olympics in Bejing last year. There is a rumour that some of them actually did some work, apparently.

Guido was interviewed by Nick Ferrari on LBC earlier today on the subject, and he rightly condemned the waste, but said that the licence fee should be frozen. Frozen? C’mon Guido – a state-sponsored extortion racket and they should simply not increase the amount they wring from us?

The licence fee is not just a “unique* way of funding the BBC”, it is an archaic and immoral hypothicated tax, supported, in too many cases, by those who think that the viewing public aren’t worthy to decide what constitutes “quality”, that the nature of public service broadcasting should be determined by anyone but the public.

Let me ask the same old question: if the BBC is so good, why does it need to force people to pay for it?

* No, actually, it’s not even unique.


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