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Not In My Name

Mob rule advances ever onward:

Married Labour MPs Ann and Alan Keen have come under fire for claiming thousands of pounds on a second home near Parliament, while their designated main home is only 10 miles away.
Now a group of people has taken direct action by squatting in the main home they say has been left unoccupied.

The story was covered today by Jeremy Vine on Radio 2.

Yet again, I was depressed by the number of callers who think that the law is negotiable. The ancient right to own property, which they would be quick to cite if it was their house being seized (say, by the council), is cast aside when it comes to a couple of people who they don’t like.

These squatters are not cuddly guardians of our interests as taxpayers. They are not standing up for the rights of the ordinary citizen. They are criminals, using a tenuous pseudo-legal argument to justify their latest spate of anarchistic left-wing vandalism. When one of the wasters was interviewed it didn’t take long for them to descend into a tired rant about the Keens’ voting for the Iraq War.

The Keens have not been convicted of anything. As far as I’m aware, they’ve not even been charged. Sure, you can protest against the rules that allow them to claim for a second home when their constituency is only 10 miles from Westminster, even stand outside the house with your banners, but you should have no right to unilaterally confiscate someone’s property.

It’s not “direct action”, it’s breaking the law.

Anyway, if these squatters are “reclaiming my taxes”, when can I expect my cheque?


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