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Labour May Be Dying, But the Class War Continues

Yes, the scorch marks in the earth are multiplying:

Hundreds of independent schools could lose their charitable status unless they increase fees for middle-class parents to fund more bursaries, a landmark ruling indicates today.

The two schools that did not pass the charitable test are relatively small prep schools. Both failed because they did not offer enough bursaries, even though they were praised for running initiatives which helped local children and organisations.
One, Highfield Priory School in Fulwood, Lancashire, does not provide bursaries because it keeps fees as low as possible, and does not accrue a surplus.

This is not just unfair, it is wicked and vindictive. The recession is already forcing some private schools to close – Baston School in my own ward is one (and I wonder how many of the brains behind this these changes are on final salary pensions and automatically index linked pay?)

The parents of children in private education should not be ashamed – after all, they already pay twice for education – or, to put it another way, subsidise other children through their taxes and create state school places by removing their children from the state system.

The moves by the Charity Commission do not add up by any reasonable definition of “public benefit” or indeed “social justice”.

Interestingly, there are many other “charitable bodies” which the Commission seems unconcerned about.


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