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No, I’m not bragging about my visitor numbers (believe it or not I’m not quite in the Guido/Dale league).

I have found what can only be described as something approaching statisticians’ porn. The chap behind this site specialises in translating statistics into graphical formats, but also rails against pointless or patronising graphics. As I’m not only an anorak when it comes to this sort of thing generally, but also one who detests contextless numbers in the media, this is right up my street.

In particular I couldn’t help noticing his analysis of the safest part of the aeroplane to sit in. On a personal note, my grandfather, who served as a Flight Engineer on Lancasters, always advised sitting as close to the tail as possible because (he said) that’s the bit that often falls off in one piece (perhaps that’s why the “black boxes” are put there?). This was rather ironic in his case, given that when he was shot down he was in the nose, which was blown off when his aircraft exploded … though I suspect the parachute might have helped as well.

H/T: B3ta


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