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So Which Voices Is Gordon Listening To?

So Gordon Brown has made his speech at the Labour Party conference. Has it saved him from a backstabbing from his colleagues? This Conservative certainly hopes so.

Anyway, the speech contained some interesting points.

“… no council flats and no welfare benefits available to unmarried mothers under the age of 21. Instead they will be placed in ‘mother & baby homes’. Here they will receive academic education as well as parenting classes, plus courses covering all aspects of their social development.”

“Gulags for Slags” quipped one commenter on Political Betting, with the sort of gift for an effective ridiculing soundbite that some Labour spinner displayed once with “Hug a Hoodie”. I must own up, though: the above quote wasn’t actually what Gordon said, though it would be hard to tell the difference from a single hearing of what he actually said. No, the extract is from the BNP manifesto.

From “British Jobs for British Workers” to this. Who said that Labour isn’t afraid of losing votes to the Far RightLeft BNP?

H/T: Guido


2 responses to “So Which Voices Is Gordon Listening To?

  1. Peter Arronsen September 30, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    Come on, the BNP are scum, let’s not use them to score points!

    • Vir Cantium September 30, 2009 at 3:08 pm

      Quite, but it will be interesting on the 22nd (BBC Question Time) if Griffin points out the similarities in policies – not that I want to see him and his ilk doing well out of this!

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