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Outside the Bubble

So this year, for the first time since 2002, I am not at the party conference. No, it’s not a loss of faith in David Cameron or the Conservative ideals; rather I felt that leaving Mrs C home alone with a teething five month old and a toddler now into the “terrible twos” was probably pushing my party allegiance a bit too far.

Of course, not being at conference does not mean being disconnected from it. So far my listening this morning has gone from LBC to Five Live and all the programmes came from Manchester. As any seasoned conference-goer knows, and I suspect this applies to all parties’ events, the conference the media report often bears little resemblance to what is actually happening at the conference. Then again, what is happening at conference does so in some isolation from the rest of the world – the financial upheavals of last October being a rare exception.

Advantages of not going to conference:

  • Not having to pay for a hotel, pass and travel
  • Benefits to the waistline from the absence of canapés, sandwiches and various offerings from the fringe event buffets
  • Getting some proper work done (when not blogging)
  • Not coming home weighed down with free pens and various other detritus collected from the stands
  • Seeing my daughter sit up on her own for the first time (probably any day now)

Disadvantages of not going to conference:

  • The absence of unnecessary quantities of free food and drink for four days (also an advantage – see above)
  • Not getting a lie-in
  • No cooked breakfasts (OK, maybe another advantage…)
  • The annual catch-up with those who I only usually know from my Facebook friends list

Now, back to work!


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