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The Morning After

Well, what did you expect? The speech of a Prime Minister in waiting, or the “everything is hunkydory I saved the world Tories will eat your kittens” skit that Gordon Brown treated us to last week?

George Osborne setting out some policies on how to tackle the debt crisis, or the Alistair Darling approach of donning the rose-tinted spectacles while waiting for said Mr Osborne to give him his next policy idea?

And whatever happened to Europe? On Sunday the media had decided that it was going to be the Nineties all over again, with Tories tearing each other to pieces over the Lisbon treaty … in the event, it seems the media had only put on the seven-inch radio edit of the mood music, rather than the long concept album that would have been the norm fifteen years’ ago.

Yet this year I was not there to get caught up in the usual post-leader’s speech euphoria (it’s powerful stuff – even IDS’s “turning up the volume” thing got us going in 2003). So I was seeing the speech in the same way that many “ordinary voters” would have, and through the media filters. Cheery? Not really. Honest? Yes.

All in all, a good workmanlike leader’s speech. Then again, I would say that wouldn’t I?


One response to “The Morning After

  1. Peter Arronsen October 9, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    That is one interpretation. The way I see it, the Tories had the ball in front of the goal and only had to tap it in. Instead, they kicked it at the corner flag. Still, it’ll make the election a bit more interesting.

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