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The Race for EU Preszzzz…

Sometimes an issue comes up that you think you probably ought to care about, but you just can’t bring yourself to.

So it is with the campaign for unprompted media speculation about “Tony Blair for EU President”.

Am I excited about the prospect of a senior British political figure becoming the head of Europe? Err, no. (In fact, much as Iain Dale felt on Monday, I see.)

I think I feel as the majority of voters seem to, who shun the elections for the European Parliament: I would rather there wasn’t one, I see no need for, or advantage in, having one. In the case of the President, I would rather have “none of the above”. Since the chances are absolutely nil of someone appearing whose first act would be to abolish his own office and most of the pointless bureaucratic monolith that is the EU, I really couldn’t care less who is sitting in the middle of the motorcade.

But then again, when have any of the European political elite ever cared what the ordinary voter thinks?


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