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Monthly Archives: November 2009

For The Good Of The Citizens

Taking a few minutes off from paying the mortgage this week, I noticed Guido had highlighted the “Citizens’ Coalition for Public Service Broadcasting“. With typical leftist irony, those who appear to be in the vanguard of the lobby group seem to be anything but ordinary licence-fee paying “citizens”.

In fact, the coalition is, predictably, little more than another industry special interest group, formed of the producers in that industry, claiming to be acting in the best interests of their customers. Just as Adam Smith predicted, the people of this particular trade have met together, not for merriment and diversion, but to lobby for continued or increased state aid in the face of an increasingly technologically liberated market which threatens to burst their protectionist bubble.

One can imagine the reaction of many of those who have signed up to the CCPSB if the same move was made by, say, estate agents or bankers. Then again, it actually worked for bankers didn’t it?

Come to think of it, it also worked for the motor industry via the scrappage scheme. The scheme featured on Thursday night’s BBC “The One Show” and, as is the usual format, that day’s special guest was asked their view.

Tony Robinson, for it was he, proceeded to wax lyrical about the scheme, and the benefits of all the financial stimulus that had been put in place by the Government. I’m sure it was out of politeness to Robinson that neither Adrian Chiles nor Christine Bleakley attempted any challenge, to put the other point of view. It must have been courtesy to their guest that they never pointed out Tony Robinson’s strong allegiance to the Labour Party, which would surely have helped the generally non-political viewer of The One Show to put his statements into context. After all, isn’t Adrian Chiles the model of BBC impartiality?