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From the Political Wind Tunnel To Lib Dem Lemons

Just as most car manufacturers make use of wind tunnel testing in the design of their products, so political parties use their equivalent – the focus group – in formulating either their policies, presentation, or both. So we shouldn’t be surprised that these days the average voter sees less and less difference between the parties.

Then along come the Lib Dems. Actually, that’s not strictly true, as those of us who have been fighting the Lib Dems for years know, we have been operating in a three party system for three decades now, and are probably a little pleased that CCHQ is now joining us in our world.

Anyway, the Lib Dems, it may seem to the ordinary punter, might represent something different; like the Fiat 500 has stormed the small car market as something new, stylish and trendy.

Yet just like the Fiat, the Lib Dems are not all that new. The 500 traces its ancestry back to the little runabout of the same name from the Fifties. The Lib Dems, two faced as ever, are happy when it suits them to boast of their Gladstonian history.

More like a Lada

However, the Lib Dems are not a Fiat 500. Old fashioned reds under the skin, they are more akin to a lemon – perhaps a clapped out Lada with a dodgy respray that’s not intended to last beyond the next polling day corner. Ask anyone who has tried to keep one for a whole term – sorry, few thousand miles – and they’ll tell you to steer well clear and buy something that may be more mundane but is safe and reliable.


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