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Harriet Harman for Labour Leader!

Yes I know she’s not standing for it, but second to Diane Abbott Harriet would surely be the next most likely to frighten off the voters.

More to the immediate point, she does give good value at the despatch box. She is now of course acting up in the role of genuine caretaker leader (as opposed to the unofficial caretaker role that Gordon Brown held after October 2007). Her blend of Eighties “wimmin’s rights” and almost cringeworthy performances at PMQs used to make for an entertaining half hour. Today, however, she actually did quite well, all things considered. Then again, with up to three weeks to prepare you would expect her to be good, and with Cameron on form she needed to be. The same should go for tomorrow’s PMQs.[Doh! Should have checked the order paper first!]

Next week, though, should be more interesting. With only six questions – about ten minutes if she’s lucky – she will struggle more than she did with a full half hour. We shall see….


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