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Catching Up On Some Reading …

… which is what one does during the holiday season. This effort by James Delingpole actually came out last month, but, as others have noted, is an excellent article.

As a Conservative who tends to avoid reading the Daily Mail (there are a few of us), I liked this:

Most left-liberals, in my experience, are quite terrified of libertarians. They can cope with the more traditional, authoritarian kind of Conservative because they can glibly dismiss them as Daily Mail-reading racists who don’t give a damn about the poor. But with libertarians they find themselves on a much stickier wicket: how exactly do you outflank someone who believes that tyranny is akin to death and that we should be free pretty much to do whatever the hell we like so long as it harms no one else.

And the closer should be in a leader’s conference speech or something. I’m not holding my breath though…

Liberal-lefties like [The Grauniad’s Michael] White need to explain to us what’s good about a philosophy which favours bureaucrats and rent-seekers over strivers and risk-takers; which steals people’s hard-earned money and squanders it on ‘social justice’ projects; which despises human nature and seeks to remould it and force it to act against its own interests through social engineering; which stifles ambition, creativity, invention; which is the enemy of freedom and therefore the enemy of life. So far, they’re not doing a very convincing job.

Hat tip to Devil’s Kitchen/Knife and Simon Clark.


One response to “Catching Up On Some Reading …

  1. futiledemocracy August 3, 2010 at 9:50 am

    See, my main problem with Libertarians is that 1) They aren’t Conservatives. Conservatives are Protectionists more than anything.
    2) Libertarians believe in a totally Free Market, which means no protections, including consumer protections, and child protection laws. It also means Libertarians believe in power being justified by who owns the money. Loads of little Fascist states called Companies. Where unelected businessmen, whose only worry is to please shareholders, whose face we never see, have ultimate say over all of our lives. I am a syndicalist.

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