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Oh Joy: Tax

Income tax

Richard Murphy is an accountant who loves tax, and not just because it has provided a career for him (as for many of my profession). He and Tim Worstall aren’t best buddies and it is via Tim that we hear of Richard’s latest evangelical wheeze: a series of posts and tweets entitled – and I kid you not – “The Joy of Tax”.

In fact, I suspect we are in for a concise and easily digestible series on how Lefties Don’t Get It, as Richard labours under the usual flawed assumption that if the State doesn’t do it, then it cannot happen.

Has he mentioned the armed forces, or the emergency services? Both, though they theoretically could (and indeed have been) provided privately, would be easier examples to justify his position.

No, yesterday it was nature reserves that were the fruit of the collective’s largesse. (Let’s just pretend that the National Trust never existed eh?)

Today (number two in the series) we learn that without taxation we wouldn’t have any roads. Presumably, then, before socialism delivered its tarmac utopia unto us, people used to levitate around the place.

Actually, I’ve just realised something: my computer wasn’t supplied by the State … it’s dissolving into thin air before my eyes … now I can’t ….


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