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The Joy Is Fading

Well, only number 4 of Richard Murphy’s “The Joy of Tax” series, and he’s already getting desperate.

We need police.

We need laws enforced.

…. A coherent system of law and order underpins a society. Only government can command and direct such a service. Only government can pay for it.

That’s the Joy of Tax.

When you have to set up such extreme straw men arguments to support your position you really should just give up and change tack.

Wanting lower and less complicated taxes does not mean you want to do away with the police … or, before anyone suggests it, any of the other emergency services, the armed forces, even a properly structured basic healthcare system, or to do away with government altogether.

Of course, asserting that government should “command and direct” the police force is another debate altogether, and only one with a touching and unassailable faith in the benign goodness of government – and a short memory viz. the arrest of opposition MPs and abuse of anti-terrorist laws – could not notice the irony of such a statement.


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