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No Question, Vince Is Worth It

Vince Cable and Martin Tod talk with local res...

Gratuities are at your own discretion

I don’t know if there’s any sort of market index for the “cash for access” value of MPs and ministers; the Telegraph last week got huffy about the dinner at this year’s Conservative party conference “Business Dinner” where you could pay £5,000 to share a table with a Conservative MP. The tickets, incidentally, are now sold out.

The shameless Guido pointed out, via Rachel Younger, that …

For the princely sum of just £40 you can dine with Business Secretary Vince Cable at the Quay Hotel in Deganwy.

The implication that Vince can be bought for just £40 surely cannot be right, and so I am pleased to note, via this month’s members’ magazine from South London Business, that they are offering tickets to an “exclusive” dinner event with Vince Cable as the guest of honour, for the bargain price of £145 plus VAT*.

(I note the print version kindly omits the rather cruel question mark and “One of” qualifier from the statement “South London’s most influential MP”.)

There is no suggestion that the Secretary of State for Business and President of the Board of Trade will knock the VAT off for cash. So, no “cash for access” then.

* Though in what circumstances an inspector would be happy to see that VAT reclaimed is a question unanswered.

(Photo credit: Alick Cotterill)


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