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HMRC Snafu: Same Ol’ Same Ol’

I feel that, given my profession, I ought to blog something about the reports that six million taxpayers will either have a refund or a bill as a result of errors in the PAYE system. The trouble is, at least for accountants, there isn’t really any news to comment on.

HM Revenue and Customs seen from Parliament Sq...

HM Treasury: business as usual

HMRC is not at the pinnacle of organisational efficiency or competence? You don’t say!

Major problems with PAYE codes? Tell us something we don’t know. A wave of coding errors were known about earlier this year. For many years it has not been unusual for coding notices to simply serve as a prompt for yet more phone calls to HMRC, to correct whatever out of date or mis-information was used or conjured up to produce said codes.

Tax refunds being made with little or no interest compared to the interest rates and penalties attached to late payments to the taxman? Welcome to our world.

Not that I lack sympathy with those suddenly finding demands for payment landing on their doorstep – nor those who’ve been at the wrong end of a tax credit clawback over the last few years.

PAYE is an outdated system, designed in the distant past when someone would have the same employer for years? Now there is something that even the Treasury recognises, even if some of their ideas at solving it are somewhat unsound … but at least they’re trying.

Of course, if some on the more sheltered and unproductive corners of the left-wing establishment are to be believed, many of the 4.3m who are in for refunds will simply ask the taxman to keep the money out of pure altruism – you know, for all those good causes that the state spends the entirety of the national budget on.


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