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What Has That Dead Horse Ever Done To You?

In the case of Andy Coulson, I suppose it was “to help put Conservatives (and a few Lib Dems) into Number 10”.

The PA has this:

New probe into phone-hacking claims

My goodness, it must be getting serious.

A new inquiry into allegations that public figures had their phones hacked has been launched.

Another one? That’s it then. The government will surely collapse now. Puts the Profumo affair into the shade, this one.

Keith Vaz, Commons Home Affairs Select Committee chairman, said it was acting after John Yates, one of Britain’s top police officers, raised questions over the law as he gave evidence to the committee.

A constitutional crisis to rival … hang on, what name was that?

Keith Vaz, Commons Home Affairs Select Committee chairman

Ah, that model of probity and, if I’m not mistaken, a Labour member.

I’m wondering if Labour might end up regretting digging up what the Met might have failed to do, in a high profile investigation, under a Labour Home Secretary. It’s OK though, this probe will be about something completely different:

Mr Vaz said: “The evidence of Assistant Commissioner John Yates raised a number questions of importance about the law on phone-hacking, the way the police deal with such breaches of the law and the manner in which victims are informed of those breaches.

“I hope that this inquiry will clarify all these important areas and keep the issue of the Torys’ Andy Coulson at the top of the news agenda for a few more days.”

So last week it was William Hague, this week it’s Andy Coulson, what dead horse will be up for a flogging next?

To coincide with his visit to the UK, a special investigation revealing that in his youth in wartime Germany, the Pope might have had a brush with the Nazi party?

The following week, the shattering revelation that some Lib Dems aren’t entirely happy being in coalition with the Tories?

A couple of weeks later, that some Conservatives aren’t entirely happy being in coalition with the Lib Dems?


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