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Red Ed and William Hague: A Genuine Question

William Hague, MP

Hague: Been there, done that?

As I know very little about internal Labour Party politics (except what I pick up from the media, whose knowledge in many cases is of about the same level), I have a genuine question.

Paul Waugh apparently heard an Ed Balls supporter saying of Red Ed “He’s pretty rubbish..But at least we got one over those Blairite b*******”.

Now bearing in mind that the string of Conservative leadership contests from 1997-2004 were essentially ‘Stop Ken Clarke‘ affairs – and for ‘Ken Clarke’ read ‘Blairite’ in the Labour context – how much is there in common between Ed Miliband‘s rise to prominence and William Hague‘s?


  • Both were completely unknown to the general, non-political, public
  • Both came in after bruising electoral defeats for their parties
  • Both have the job of addressing, and maybe fixing, some aspects of their parties’ internal machinery, and
  • Both face a certain degree of play-ground standard ridicule (though I do believe that ‘Red Ed’ is a perfectly valid epithet given the trade unionist influence over his election).

Red Ed’s election may herald a lurch to the Left for Labour, just as Hague, IDS and Howard were seen to anchor the Conservatives on the Right (simplistic summaries I know, but I think that was the wider perception, accurate or not).

Just a thought.


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