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Should Red Ed Consider Some Sunscreen?

So Red Ed’s people are probably pleased at The Sun’s editorial this morning, crediting him with the cancellation of the first phase of strikes at the BBC. Officially, it was down to some sort of movement on the pensions question that has brought the two sides back to the table. Says the Currant Bun:

It was quite a U-turn for Ed. Only days ago he refused to condemn the walkout and backed the right to strike. We told him to prove he is not a union puppet if he wants to win over Sun readers. Looks like he took it to heart.

Actually if Ed had any sense, he should have stayed out of it and used the time-honoured position of “it’s between the management and union and I call on the two sides to come back to the negotiating table, blah, blah, rhubarb”. By associating himself with any developments – or allowing himself to be associated – he has put himself between a large piece of solidified magma and a far-from-fluffy place.

Is there a suggestion that he has some sway over the unions rather than the other way round? If so, what happens when one of those “irresponsible” strikes kicks off’ (something that will happen fairly soon), and bear in mind that his definition of “irresponsible” is still to be tested. Will he be issuing calls to the bruvvers to refrain from strike action please … pretty please? When they ignore him, what then?

If he was trying to show that he is not a union placeman, thus apparently taking the advice of The Sun, then doesn’t any spinning of willingness by the unions to listen to him actually underline the closeness between them and the new Labour leadership?

I’d put it down to inexperience; not knowing when to be statesmanlike and rise above it all. But then again, is being statesmanlike – i.e. looking like Prime Minister material – really top of Red Ed’s ‘to do’ list right now?


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