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New Olympic Park Named

From a parallel universe:

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has revealed the name of the new Olympic park. The Fidel Castro People’s Park will be at the heart of the Games’ site.

Thankfully, Londoners (and those of us in the outer boroughs) saw sense and gave Ken his P45 a couple of years’ back, so instead we have this welcome news:

The 2012 Olympics will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The name was announced by Mayor Boris Johnson exclusively on LBC 97.3 on Thursday morning.

Quite right too, even if Boris did spoil things by then babbling on about “masterplanning” the area.

Tut tut. I am merely a product of a grammar school – so what do I know – but don’t they teach the difference between nouns and verbs at Eton?


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