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Conference Goes To The Dogs

By way of a belated and brief conference round-up I must suggest that the Award for Speaking Truth Unto Lobbyists must go to James Paice, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, telling the RSPCA fringe that dog licences would not be the answer to abuses such as dog fighting – and he is right.

Introducing a licensing system to help police illegal activity relies on those conducting the illegal activities going out of their way to … errm … comply with the law. More often, therefore, it is the law-abiding who inadvertently fall foul of the rules who are caught first, not the real targets – something that James Paice pointed out.

Nevertheless, despite pinning his colours to the mast just after the preceding RSPCA speaker had elicited a cheer for stating the Society’s support for the licences, he made it out without too much trauma, which is more than might be said for anyone who wolfed* down the vegetable curry too quick – that was a recipe to sort out the men from the boys.

* See what I did there?


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