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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Blogging Hiatus

Sadly for you dear reader this break in service will only be temporary, unlike Mr Eugenides and, it seems, The Devil.

As is typical for me in the run up to the tax return deadline, this blog will be rather quiet until the end of January. Unless something really gets my goat. In the meantime, I’ll no doubt be lurking on Twitter and the usual places.

See you in the New Year.


Murdoch and BSkyB … So what?

Much like Timmy, I too am at a loss to understand by people are getting so uptight about Murdoch taking the remaining third party interests in BskyB.

Apart from the fact that he virtually controls the company anyway, why the fuss over him being such a major player in the media? Well, I guess there is some genuine concern over one organisation having such a large portion of the media market. I’m sure that one of the chief complainers to Vince Cable – the BBC – wouldn’t want to see one single corporation being able to throw so much weight around, distorting the market. Oh ….

Anyway, back to reality. The point surely is that Murdoch has only acquired such a position by providing the paying public with what they want to read and watch. After all, if he didn’t serve his customers well they could and would stop paying their subscriptions, and his advertisers would then follow. In their crusade for fair competition in the world of broadcasting, this would surely be another point that the BBC understands well. Oh ….