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#UKUncut Scores an Own Goal and Takes Inspiration from the Kray Twins

Well, didn’t UKUncut do well? Intimidating low laid shop staff into closing their stores, criminal damage, and a magnificent own goal when they occupied a shop owned by a charity. Barring the injuries which clearly no-one – except the protesters – would be pleased about, it was a good day for the government.

Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly, London, England

What do we want? Nice chocolates! Who do we want to pay for it? Someone else!

The Fortnum & Mason attack was supposed to be the highlight of the UKUncut/TUC/[insert leftist cause of choice]’s day, yet within minutes of the ‘secret target’ being revealed and the unwashed hordes descending on the evil purveyor of the devil’s tea and rather nice chocolates, those who actually know something about business pointed out that the owners of F&M are a charitable trust that has donated millions to good causes.

So much for the march “bringing to Big Society to London”.

Ah, say UKUncut, but the owners also have 54% in Associated British Foods, who are alleged to have “dodged” £40m in tax. Now you can be sure that the ‘dodging’ is legal tax avoidance, but let’s go with it for now.

The logic here is that you are going to beat up a vicar because his half-brother didn’t pay more than was asked by the protection racketeers last week. Actually, I think tweeter @cassiustweets summed up the general strategy rather well:

#ukuncut ARE peaceful. Like the Kray brothers, they only smash up shops that don’t pay up.

That might work for the plot of a Mafia or Gangster movie, but the F&M action confirms that the UKUncut/tax ‘justice’ movement lacks access to quality tax and business expertise. Then again, we’re taking about a movement which only refers to accountants as a pejorative term, when explaining how the evil rich don’t voluntarily pay more than either the letter or the spirit (back to the Westminster doctrine) asks them to. It really wouldn’t be very ‘right on’ to consort with us*, the foot soldiers of the devil’s regiment of bean-counters now, would it?

* P.S. Just to be clear, UKUncut, don’t bother calling me.


One response to “#UKUncut Scores an Own Goal and Takes Inspiration from the Kray Twins

  1. TaxTeddy March 27, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    So, THAT’S what it was about. I thought these guys were working for the new ‘outsourced’ tax collection wing of Revenue & Customs.

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