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Ranting at the Radio

Two gems from the BBC yesterday on Radio 2 at lunchtime (in my defence, Mrs C had left it on when she went out).

During a discussion on Jeremy Vine’s show about the evil Tesco diversifying into new businesses such as secondhand cars, up pops someone complaining about how they’re killing all the high streets you know with their in-store coffee shops’n’things:

“Tesco don’t care what the community wants”

Riiiight. A supermarket that doesn’t care what its customers want is one of the most successful businesses in the country. Yes, that reasoning makes perfect sense.

An hour or so later we had a news bulletin covering the conviction of a double murderer (wisely not repeated for the online version):

“A carpenter who murdered two ex girlfriends …”

These carpenters, eh? Just imagine if he’d have been a Muslim as well … oh, but of course, his religion wouldn’t have been relevant would it?


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