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What's Wrong With This Picture?

Via JuliaM:

Prisoners should be handed an anti-overdose drug when they leave jail in case they binge on heroin in their first days outside, the Government’s drug advisers said yesterday.

He wants it to be more widely used after figures showed that, on average, one in eight heroin–injecting prisoners overdose within two weeks of leaving jail and one in 200 die.

Ken Clarke

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke

So, we keep drug addicts in a supposedly secure, controlled and regimented environment, and yet we don’t take the opportunity with this literally captive audience to clean them up, fill any gaps in their often patchy basic academic and vocational skills and so ensure that they stay on the ‘straight and narrow’ once they’re on the outside?

Am I missing something here? Ah, of course, when Ken Clarke talks about reducing prisoner numbers it was by not locking them up in the first place! How could I have missed such a simple, sustainable and clearly far better solution to reducing crime?


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