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Prince Philip At 90 … And the BBC Still Doesn’t Get It

Prince Philip, Patron Saint of the Harmlessly Politically Incorrect

Prince Philip, Patron Saint of the Harmlessly Politically Incorrect

I am pleased that the first post of this blog should be to mark the fact that the Duke of Edinburgh is 90 today. I wish a very happy birthday to His Royal Highness. One of the few of us who can speak his mind, exercise some old-fashioned no-nonsense officers’ mess humour and get away with it … unless you write a blog under a pseudonym, I guess.

Now a Royal event involving Prince Philip is too good an opportunity to miss for the BBC who, true to form, have done a fine job today of reflecting the views of the British public banging the anti-monarchist drum. On Radio 2 this lunchtime, Jeremy Vine has some republican whose name I cannot be bothered to look up, facing off against Peter Oborne.

Have they not learnt from the Queen Mother’s death, or the Royal Nuptials of last April? In both cases they got it wrong, thinking it a good time to give a leg up to miserable and humourless republicans. Are they really sure that such a minority viewpoint should get so much airtime? Can you possibly imagine them giving a spokesman for Better Off Out or the People’s Pledge – movements which represent a far greater constituency among popular opinion – getting behind a BBC microphone every time some news came out of Brussels?

You’d never know that recent polls have shown a vast majority in favour of the monarchy. Of course, where the pollsters went wrong was not conducting the survey within 400 yards of Broadcasting House (or Shepherd’s Bush, or wherever up north they’ve sent the Beeboids).

Whatever. 90 years of upsetting Lefties? That has to be worth celebrating. Congratulations, sir.


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