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Environmentalism Fail (no. 94)

Queue of aircraft for take-off including jets ...

"They could always pave over the front garden..."

So apparently there are too many aircraft waiting around for a landing slot at Heathrow.

Who, as they say, dathunkit?

Options to expaned Heathrow, either through a full-blown third runway plan or simply making more efficient use of the existing runway capacity, have been fought and rejected. This is because, as we all know, aircraft are Evil, Very Bad for the Planet, We Must Think Of The Children, etc, etc. Such is the attitude that has survived through to the Coalition, with the third runway – finally floated by Mandelson of all people – killed off in a gesture aimed at buying a few votes in west London fighting climate change.

So, while competitors in the market for business traffic and international hubs like Schipol, Frankfurt and Paris CDG have more (and increasing) capacity, we pat ourselves on the back for being so green (in both the policy sense, and that of naivety). Well, now we can be very pleased with ourselves: 190 tonnes of fuel and 600 tonnes of CO2 wasted every day. Well done Luddites, you can now return to your caves satisfied that you’ve done your bit for our grandchildren … who will be living on the continent, or the US, or Far East, or wherever all the business will have moved to.

Yes, but, but … aircraft emissions are bad, so let’s not encourage them, eh? This is the same logic that gave us, under dear old John “Bonker” Prescott, anti-car policies such as maximum (and meagre) parking standards incorporated into the planning rules. Thus we have more recently built housing and commercial developments with roads clogged up with parking, and cars driving round and round, looking or waiting for a space, coughing out emissions (or simply wasting fuel, if CO2 isn’t your thing). Perhaps LHR could take a leaf out of the response of some householders and pave over the front garden.

Or perhaps Boris’ island isn’t such a bonkers idea after all….


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