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A Heartfelt Thanks to the #J30 Strikers

This blogger would like to put on record his sincere thanks to those who are striking and protesting today.

For those of use who grew up in the Eighties, we had the miners’ strike. In earlier decades there was the Winter of Discontent and various other spells of industrial unrest. Each of these episodes served as a reminder to each generation of the menace that trade unions can be, when their leaders put their own egos and political dogma above the interests of their members. Therefore, I am grateful that today’s action is being held, as it helps to make the case for tougher union legislation and so strengthens the Government’s hand in this regard. This will ultimately encourage inward investment and thus create jobs and tax revenues, rather than continue to drain the Treasury as your current position would entail.

I would also like to thank the unions for choosing the one issue that has alienated more of the public, and more solidly turned the non-public sector workforce against the cause of the #j30 activists, than any other: your pensions. I checked by pension forecast this morning, and mine will be worth a fifth of yours when I retire, so my sympathy with your cause is entirely non-existent. One negative factor in my case is the money that my fund has been losing for the last 13 years when Gordon Brown – who most of you probably supported – abolished the tax credit reclaim for pension funds. That’s £5bn+ a year which has effectively gone from my pension into yours, which probably explains why the unions weren’t protesting then. Where were your calls for solidarity between workers then, eh?

United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer Gor...

Gordon Brown, pensions thief. Where were the unions?

I know you don’t like references to ‘the real world’ to describe life outside the public sector, but your delusions that you are actually garnering anything like the support that your BBC comrades are telling you, shows just how out of touch you are with those who – remember – ultimately pay your salaries and underwrite your premier league pensions.

Oh, and don’t try diverting my attention by banging on about the pensions of FTSE100 company directors. With just a few exceptions, I don’t have to buy their products or services. If I don’t pay your salaries, however, I go to prison. In any case, if you want to talk ‘fat cat salaries’, let’s talk about your general secretaries salary packages.

Finally a quick, and genuinely non-ironic, thank-you to two sets of teachers. One group are those who are enabling our local primary school to remain open with most classes still sitting. Even if we don’t agree on the pensions thing, I respect you for not putting our children’s education at risk for the sake of this dispute.

The second thank-you is prompted by the placards and tweets doing the rounds today, along the lines of “if you can read this thank a teacher”. I would therefore like to thank the teachers as my private prep. school who did just that. Funnily enough, I don’t ever recall them going on strike …


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