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EU To Push Up Mobile Phone Charges

Mobile phone evolution

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OK, so the actual headlines today, following the EU’s latest bit of interference, are slightly different from mine:

EU mobile phone charges coming down
More enforced cuts in mobile phone roaming charges apply tomorrow – with the European Commission intent on closing the gap between domestic and “foreign” call rates to virtually nothing by 2015.

The ever-Europhilic Indie goes on to tell us:

Tomorrow the maximum permitted charges fall yet again: consumers opting for the EU-regulated “Eurotariff” will pay no more than 32p per minute (excluding VAT) for calls made while abroad – down from 35p – and 10p per minute for calls received while abroad in the EU.

Action by Brussels against high roaming charges has been one of the most popular consumer-driven moves by the EU – an average 60% cut in the maximum charges operators could levy on mobile users making or receiving calls while in another EU country since 2007.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, as they say. So given that mobile phone companies are in business to make a profit for their shareholders – including my pension fund and probably yours – just how do we suppose they will go about both plugging the hole in their profits, and doing what the Commission desires – narrowing the gap between domestic and EU roaming charges?

Thank you, dear Eurocrats, you’ve just applied even more upward pressure on our domestic and non-EU ‘phone usage. Another benefit of EU membership!


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