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Blinded By Their Hatred of Murdoch, The Left’s Missing The Point On Dowler Phone Hacking

Rupert Murdoch - World Economic Forum Annual M...

The Anti-Christ, apparently.

Firstly, let’s get the ubiquitous (but nonetheless true) statement out of the way: what the News of the World investigator did was utterly contemptible and severe punishment should be coming his (presumably) way.

The nice blonde girl on Sky called it a watershed in the whole phone hacking (or should it be cracking?) saga. Indeed it is. While it was involving politicians and celebs it failed to really get the public going; a point reinforced by the constant droning from the media, oblivious to the fact that it was a story only of interest to the media. Frankly, who cares if some greasy hack was listening to the voicemail of John Prescott or Jordan*? Few ordinary people were really bothered about the whining of some self-important prima-donna who can barely string a sentence together … or with Katie Price’s complaints.

True, like so many civil liberty issues, it should have worried us, simply because if ‘they’ can do it to them, they could do it to us … and now it seems they did, to the most vulnerable of ‘us’ at their most vulnerable time.

But with yesterday’s revelations having broken, one thing was striking, and that was the reaction of the Left; most notably, in the immediacy, on the Twittersphere. Needless to say, it was “Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World” which had been doing the despicable deed and therefore it followed that he should not be allowed to take over BSkyB (the “takeover” being a moot point in any case, but that’s another issue).

The fact that some (presumably) subcontractor overstepped the mark, possibly with the knowledge of the editor of one of the newspapers in his stable nearly a decade ago means that Murdoch is not “fit and proper” to run BSkyB, apparently. Quite how that tenuous connection would stand up to any legal challenge is highly questionable anyway, but the reaction does show how utterly blinded the Left are by their hatred of one man.

Instead of asking questions about what the police did about the “hacking”, or the possible consequences of the symbiotic love-hate relationship between a police investigation team and the media in a case like this, the first reaction to the Toynbee tendency is to try and turn the affair to their own prejudiced political ends. Even the renewed calls for media regulation are being championed with more than one eye on doing Murdoch’s legs.

This hijacking of the story is certainly not as despicable as the original crime, though highly distasteful. However, it is as distracting from the pursuit of the real issues at play as were the deleted voicemails to the original police investigation into Milly Dowler’s disappearance.

* I can’t actually remember which celebrities were involved – I have a life.

(Pic. credit: World Economic Forum, CC Sharealike 2.0


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