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UKUncut Yob Jailed For ‘Happy Slapping’ Attack on Pensioner

Tough crowd expected at Marbles' next gig

Tough crowd expected at Marbles' next gig

A short Twitter exchange ensued between yours truly and Liberal Conspiracy’s Sunny Hundal today following the news that Jonathan May-Bowles – aka failed comedian Jonnie Marbles – has been sentenced to six weeks for his ‘foam pie’ attack on Rupert Murdoch. To put the identity of the victim to one side, as one should in the cause of blind justice, it was to all intents little removed from a happy slapping attack – one carried out primarily for the benefit of the camera.

Let’s be frank: in being handed down the sentence of such apparent (in the view of the squealing Left) severity May-Bowles was being made an example of. What does that mean? It means the punishment is intended to draw attention to the offence and type of offender – in other words to attract publicity.

And what, exactly, was the purpose of May-Bowles’ act? To attract attention and publicity to him and his “cause”. That is why, in my view, the sentence was entirely right and proportionate.

Sunny Hundal had suggested that the sentence was too harsh because (in part) it was an explicit political act. Yet the fact that May-Bowles was politically motivated is irrelevant. Allowing political motivation to be a ‘get out of jail card’ for violent attacks is a very slippery slope; Sunny didn’t respond to my questioning of his logic. (Or quite possibly he had better things to do than get into an argument with an unknown right-wing tweeting troll. Ho hum.)

Then again, come to think of it, in some ways it is very pertinent to exactly why the sentence was right. To recognise a political (or indeed religious) belief as a motive would suggest that they will be quite prepared to do it again.

An act of desperation can be a fleeting episode. The repetition of drug-fuelled, or drug-feeding crime could be prevented by proper re-hab (though given the inability of our prison system to keep the drugs out, this is a very theoretical proposition for now). Political or religious beliefs, however, can often hold the relevant laws as subsidiary or even irrelevant in achieving the ends which are sought by committing the crime; just as dear old Jonnie and his (ex-)friends in UKUncut try to blur the boundaries between what is and isn’t legal according to their own particular and peculiar moral code.


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