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An Alternative 2011: Mayor Livingstone Reacts to the #Riots

Day 1: Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, expresses shock at Tottenham riots, but said people needed answers over Duggan shooting.

Day 2: Ken is concerned over spread of rioting across North London. He “understands the protestors’ grievances”. He makes comments suggesting that Tesco’s had it coming, but points out to the rioters that they’re wrong because some of the small businesses being hit are run by black business people. Blames the Coalition cuts.

Day 3: Ken says that violence is never the answer and achieves nothing. Announces more cash for youth centres, sponsorship of street artists and grants free Olympic tickets to all under 21’s and single parents in Haringey and Enfield. Blames the unrest on lingering resentment over Iraq and Afghanistan.

Day 4: “Londoners need to come together to say no to racism, hate speech and incitement to violence”, Ken says, adding, “we need calmer voices of reconciliation to be heard”. Announces a summit featuring Lee Jasper, Jody McIntyre, Lindsay German and Ali Desai.

Day 5: Demands explanation after groups complain of police using violence against rioters and kettling of 12 year old looters. Blames the rioting on the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

Ad nauseam until May 2012….


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