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From the ‘North Pole’ to Gaza

I am indebted to the excellent Prodicus for highlighting this little gem, via the fine Orphans of Liberty blog:

British crew become first to row to magnetic North Pole
The six-man crew’s 450-mile journey was only possible because of an increase in ice melting over recent years.

A six-man British crew celebrated Friday after becoming the first to row to the magnetic North Pole.

On the final 50 mile leg, the crew rowed most of the way but then had to haul their 1.3-tonne boat over nearly two miles of ice rubble in a nine-hour slog.”

Yep, that’s right, they didn’t row all the way at all. Didn’t approach the actual North Pole and didn’t actually reach the current magnetic North Pole either.

Perhaps it’s my deranged right-wing mind that saw a very tenuous but interesting parallel to be drawn between this story, and one particular incident in a part of the world with rather less ice to clamber over, in January last year:

Egypt bans Gaza-bound humanitarian aid convoys
Egyptian FM: Aid bound for Gaza will be barred from Egypt after activists clashed with police this week.

… members of one convoy led by British MP George Galloway committed “criminal” acts on Egyptian soil on their way to Gaza.

“Egypt will no longer allow convoys, regardless of their origin or who is organizing them, from crossing its territory,” [then Egyptian Foreign Minister] Abul Gheit said, according to AFP.

“Members of the [Viva Palestina] convoy committed hostile acts, even criminal ones, on Egyptian territory,” the foreign minister added without elaborating.

The comments come a day after a foreign ministry official told Galloway he was no longer welcome in Egypt as he flew out of the country…. Egypt accused Galloway, who once called at a London rally for the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak*, of trying to embarrass the country, which has refused to permanently open its Rafah border crossing with Gaza.

What connects the two? They both involve groups inculcated in the left-liberal worldview being mugged by reality. One regarding the ‘settled science’ and truth about climate change, the other expecting Gaza and their crusade for its people to be an ‘access all areas’ pass in the Arab world as much as it is in the studios and newsrooms of the left-leaning media. With no disrespect to the northern explorers, I can’t help but chuckle at both.

*of course, George got his wish, but the Rafah crossing can still be a bit hit-and-miss it seems.


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