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Forgiving LibDems Give Far-Left Paddick a Second Chance

Brian Leonard Paddick (born 24 April 1958), th...

He's Back: 'Very Red' Brian Runs Again

The Lib Dems have selected Brian Paddick to run as their candidate for Mayor of London. Again. As David Cameron might say, everyone deserves a second chance.

What this also means is that, apart from the 2012 election being a re-run of the 2008 contest (at least among the three ‘main’ parties), the LibDems have either a short collective memory, are very forgiving, are actually further to the left than their leader (which we know anyway), or a combination of the above.

Those who recall the weeks following the 2008 election might recall that Brian Paddick, by that time a battered and dissillusioned former political innocent with limited campaign experience, had vented his frustrations with his own party in his London Mayoral campaign diary.

More tellingly, Brian revealed that he had voted, as his second preference, for the far left ‘Left List‘.

The 2008 election had not been a happy one for the Lib Dems, who had been in danger of becoming a single issue party with their (consistent) opposition to the Iraq war. Brian complained that he and they had been squeezed between Labour and Conservatives. For the Lib Dems as a party nationally, they had to cling to their eternal hope of some unlikely General Election result giving them a place in a coalition.

Well, who have thought it? Strange things do happen, and so here is Brian again … and the far Left in London can count on at least one more second preference vote.


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