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‘Fessing up: George Monbiot in Receipt of the Proceeds of Tax Dodging.

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George Monbiot: Putting his head above the parapet

George Monbiot, hero of the watermelon greens and other trendy lefty causes, has published his ‘registry of interests‘.

Credit to him, as he is seeking to avoid accusations of hypocrisy by doing what so many of those he criticises should do. After all the environmentalist movement, for example, are often quick to discount opinions opposed to their own, on the grounds that such critics are in the pay of ‘big oil’ or ‘big business’ or whoever else is the bogeyman-du-jour. (Conveniently ignoring how many in their own ranks, supporting green taxes and regulation, are often in the pay of ‘big government’.)

Hypocrisy is a dangerous and infectious condition, though. George’s main income, unsurprisingly, is from the Grauniad – £62,007 to be precise, in the year to 30th September 2011. Nothing so remarkable about that. Equally unsurprisingly, a quick trawl even through George’s own archive reveals some very recent attacks on tax avoidance, something that many of his Farringdon Road colleagues also pontificate on.

So what? Well, let’s not forget that the Grauniad itself is something of an authority on the practice of tax avoidance – a.k.a. among the Left as ‘tax dodging’ – having practised it itself.

Nevertheless, one assumes George is happy to take money from this tax-dodging organisation. As the likes of UKUncut and their fellow left-wing travellers would regard this as a moral crime, is George really happy that he is benefiting from the proceeds of such activity?

Are his followers happy that he is in the pay of ‘big tax-dodgers’?

Yet perhaps we are being harsh on George. I’m sure he has levelled his criticisms of tax avoidance at his own newspaper as well, hasn’t he? After all, a man of principle would not be afraid of biting the hand that feeds him, would he? As Geroge himself says:

… I believe that journalists should live by the standards they demand of others

So, if anyone can find links to any relevant article, I’d be happy to append them here, lest it be thought that I’m accusing him of hypocrisy.


2 responses to “‘Fessing up: George Monbiot in Receipt of the Proceeds of Tax Dodging.

  1. Christie Malry (@fcablog) September 29, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Well, you’ve got him bang to rights.
    But I rather admire what Monbiot has done here. He’s set a fabulously high threshold for transparency and, by having done it himself, he must surely spur others to follow. Can Ritchie really continue to write his articles about how the Guardian is innocent of tax avoidance without telling us how much they pay him? Can Polly really continue to write articles about the evils of high paid bankers without telling us how highly paid she is herself?
    It’s utterly wondrous, I really can’t wait for the torrent of revelations.

    • vircantium September 29, 2011 at 8:15 pm

      Good isn’t it? I suspect his fellow moonbats won’t thank him for it, like the unionised workers who spurn the colleagues who works too hard and so makes them look bad.

      It is indeed another stick with which to beat the Murphbees.

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