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Andrew Lloyd-Webber Wants Your Money

His Lordship has spoken

In an outspoken speech, the musical impresario claimed the government was “turning its back” on one of its “most promising and world-leading sectors”.

There are many businesses who would be delighted if the government turned its back on them and left them alone.

“Britain is a talent hub that creates production and content that resonates around the globe.

You’re absolutely right. Just think how less successful the Beatles would have been without their state subsidies to … oh.

“So let me be crystal clear. Our vast creative potential is being strangled without any clear funding strategy for its long term future.”

Here’s an arts strategy for you, Andrew: produce stuff that people want to see, hear or look at, and they will buy the tickets, purchase the CDs and downloads, and so on.

Of course, if the stuff isn’t good enough for them to put their hands in their pockets, what gives you the right to force then to do so through their taxes?

He said that without the private funding and support of individuals and institutions, the situation would be much worse and potentially “irretrievable”.

He said the government could not rely on these benefactors forever…

It doesn’t sound like it’s the government relying on those benefactors – it’s you and your fellow rent-seekers.

Lord Lloyd-Webber, who helped compose a special song, titled “Sing”, for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, made the comments during a debate on whether the Government had a long-term strategy for the arts and cultural sector.

To which my answer would be “I certainly hope not.”


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