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Conservatives and Unionists

The Conservatives and Ulster Unionists are set to formally restore the historic link between the two “sister” parties.

Given that the DUP have conclusively proved they cannot be trusted (on 42 days detention) and being in mind the nutcases that they harbour within their ranks, a formal (re-)tie up with the UUP is good news. It will also mean an end to the odd and rather pointless running of Conservative candidates in NI against our natural allies, and will position the Conservatives as the only party truly capable of representing all parts of the country.

For Ulster, it will be one step towards bringing the province’s politics into the mainstream of UK political life. As Cameron and Empey say in the article, Ulster is affected as much by the 10p tax band “abolition” as the rest of the UK – but more importantly it can only help to break any slide into insularity for the Ulster political bubble that could only help Sinn Fein in the long term.