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Parish Notice

Yes I know, blogging has been light to non-existent recently. The good bad news is that it will remain so until the end of January.

And of course, as per usual, they’ve gone and scheduled Christmas just weeks before the tax return filing deadline!

Play nicely while I’m away.


Blogging Hiatus

Sadly for you dear reader this break in service will only be temporary, unlike Mr Eugenides and, it seems, The Devil.

As is typical for me in the run up to the tax return deadline, this blog will be rather quiet until the end of January. Unless something really gets my goat. In the meantime, I’ll no doubt be lurking on Twitter and the usual places.

See you in the New Year.

Parish Notice

Blogging will be light/non-existent for a week or so.

What? There’s something more important than the Ashes going on?

Vote Often, If Not Early


It won’t be early, because the votes have to be in by midnight tonight.

Even so, while the blogging (including this blatant appeal for support) has been intermittent of late (work, combined with the demands of a three-month old’s daily schedule), I hope some of you will do me the honour of including me in your top ten this year.

Anyway, back to the cricket …

I'd Like To Thank …

There has been a spate of “thank you” postings in the blogosphere in the last few days as the “Top 100” blog lists are revealed by Iain Dale. Yours truly, in my first appearance, has made number 66, which given the sometimes erratic nature of my posts (one has to pay the mortgage after all) I’m not unhappy with.

So, seeing as I was brung up right an’ that, I too will thank all who voted for me. Next year, number 65!