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Dresden: Here We Go Again

The Express reports:

RAF veterans were furious last night after German politicians called for Britain to scrap plans for a £3.5million memorial to Bomber Command.

The row broke out as the mayor of Dresden arrived in the UK to open an exhibition showing the devastation caused by the blitzing of her city and London and Coventry during the Second World War.

Dresden Liberal party councillor Holger Zastrow said: “This memorial injures the feelings of Dresdeners and is utterly tasteless.”

And Bild ran a story yesterday with the English headline: “Please Say No”.

It was almost a matter of hours after the Dresden raids that political correctness, 1945-style, raised its head. Many people who had supported Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris’ strategy of bombing German cities suddenly took a step back and hung Bomber Command out to dry. The overall campaign that Harris (and his US counterparts) undertook became the only major theatre of the war not to have been recognised with a campaign medal. The efforts of 125,000 airmen and their supporting crews had clearly helped to bring about the defeat of the Nazis – as the atom bombs would do for the equally brutal Japanese Empire in the Pacific months later (and followed by similar hand-wringing). Yet it even went unmarked by a memorial to the near half of that number who never came back.

That is soon to change, thankfully, with the plans for the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park.

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