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The BNP’s Nick Griffin on Question Time: “Barrel”, “Fish” & “Shooting”

To be honest, I thought it was a bit of an anti-climax. Perhaps even, dare I say it, boring.

You would have thought that Griffin would have properly briefed himself, polished his answers and done his research. What we saw was that the BNP are amateurs. Just as their councillors have proven to be useless, so their leader was clearly out of his depth. Even when asked his views on the Holocaust, he failed in what many perceive to be the politician’s dark art of Avoiding The Question. As many suspected, he was given the oxygen of publicity and choked on it.

What made it somewhat boring, in my view, was that all but one of the questions were about the BNP (inevitably, I suppose). In supporting the principle of Griffin appearing (which I still do) I was rather hoping he would have his policies examined across the whole range of current issues. For instance, there wasn’t a question about the week’s major issue: the postal strikes. Such an issue would have given us a glimpse of the BNP policies beyond race and immigration – something which their spokesman on the Today programme did this morning with a short rant about privatisation that could have come out of the mouth of any CWU spokesman. It would also have revealed the inconvenient truth about the BNP: that once you strip away the immigration and race issues, you’d be hard pressed to tell the BNP from the Socialist Workers Party (or whatever they’re calling themselves this month).

Even so, it did give many people a laugh when Griffin defined indigenous Britons as those who have been here for 17,000 years. And that is often the best way to deal with these people: sometimes mockery is a far more powerful weapon than any form censorship or intellectual dissection.

Update: As KRO notes, the BNP’s website (you can work out the address, I’m not helping their Google rankings) has become strangely truncated.


I Didn’t Think Things Were Getting That Bad …

Again via the InformationIsBeautiful site, I came upon Good Magazine and their wealth of “transparencies”, including this one: an analysis of immigration into the USA.

So far, so mildly interesting – until you look at the more detailed figures around the main graphic. It seems that, of the 16,189 people who moved to the US from the UK last year, 64 were doing so as refugees or asylum seekers.

So, should I finish this post with the words “I say, that’s a bit much!” or …

“What, only 64?”

This Could Get Messy


Alas, I am having to resign myself to the inevitable truth. I was unaware until now, but I have little choice. I must leave you all …

It seems that, according to the Government’s immigration Britishness Test, I am not British enough to reside in this country. My score of 66% missed the pass mark of 75%.

I shall therefore go back to where I came from.

I warn you, though, it will require some surgery to send the relevant fractions of me back to Scotland, Wales and various parts of England from whence various branches of my family have originated.

Oh, if only I’d been even more of a news junkie than I am already, I would have been able to pass the acid test of what it means to be a true subject of Her Majesty … like “What proportion of the UK population have used illegal drugs at one time or another?” (apparently it’s a third, not a quarter, you dirty foreigner!)

Or knowing the legal minimum that a school must be open for – having never yet served on my council’s Children and Young People’s Policy Development & Scrutiny Committee, my incorrect answer of 170 days condemned me.

Or being aware that women have had the right to divorce their husbands since 1857, not 1901 (a right that Mrs C may now have to exercise, if she married me under the false impression that I was a pureblooded Brit).

So, if you’ll pardon me, I’ll get me coat….

Who OK’d The Green Arrest?

Damian Green, Shadow Immigration Secretary, was arrested last night in connection with a leak enquiry. It would be easy to point out the Mugabe-esque nature of arresting opposition politicians for being awkward to the government. Nor that it is not out of character for Labour who, after all, created the national security legislation that was abused in order to silence critics at their party conference.

An interesting question, though, is surely such an arrest must have required clearance from the highest level in the Met? One Sir Ian Blair, who coincidentally has had his own run in with a senior Conservative recently and is now leaving, grumbling, and under a cloud?

Harrumphreys Indignation Makes Good Radio

A gold star this morning to Daniel Kawczynski MP who appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme ostensibly to talk about his idea for a bank holiday to recognise the contribution of Poles to British life. On the face of it, and so it must have seemed to the producers of Today, a good liberal piece in the usual immigration-is-good-for-society vein.

Kawczynski, however, while making the case for his idea, then delivered a series of left right hooks to John Humphrys, who could be heared harrumphing indignantly in the background. Daniel, you see, had emerged from his Trojan Horse to complain about the “liberal elite” at the BBC who seem to use Polish immigration – “white Christians” as he pointed out – to highlight immigration as an issue instead of talking more about the majority of (non-white) immigrant peoples, which might lead the BBC down a more controversial and less politically correct path of analysis. Kawczynski suggested that such coverage has led to an increase in racist attacks on Poles.

To hear Humphreys almost audibly choking on his piety quite made my morning, and it might yours too. Listen again here, the interview is around 2hrs 24m in.

Government Joined Up … To Assist Illegal Immigration

OK, so we know that tax has for some time acted as a disincentive to marriage, hard work, success, and so on, but to actively assist illegal immigration?

Ken Frost, over at his ambiguously titled “HMRC is sh*te” blog, enlightens us:

When people apply for a CIS card, Tax Credits, or register for Self Employment they are required to produce several forms of ID at a Revenue office.

One of the forms of ID can be a letter from a Government department to the applicants home address.

Now here is where it becomes a little more tricky.

Imagine that you are a failed asylum seeker.

What would you do to prove your identity?

Yes, that’s right, you would use a letter from the Home Orifice.

It says that the failed asylum seeker is specifically forbidden from working or claiming benefits, as the failed asylum seeker has been denied rights to asylum.

Those in charge of HMRC have issued an edict to their staff telling them to accept these letters as a valid form of ID for verification purposes. (My emphasis – NR.)

And as AccountingWeb points out:

If you are an employer, you will also need to make ID checks on any new employee, to ensure that you are not taking on an illegal, the UK Border Agency suggests that you may use a number of documents for verification including:

An official document issued by a previous employer or Government agency, e.g. HM Revenue and Customs (formerly the Inland Revenue) …which contains the permanent National Insurance number and name of the person. A P45, P60, National Insurance number card, or a letter from a Government agency may be acceptable to demonstrate a person’s permanent National Insurance number…” (Again, my emphasis added – NR.)

Such a document will be issued once a person successfully registers for tax…

So to summarise, to satisfy an employer that you are not an illegal immigrant, you need proof from HMRC that you are registered for tax. To get that proof from HMRC you can use … the letter from the Home Office telling you that you cannot work (and by implication, be registered for employment/self-employment) in the UK.

Laugh/cry [delete as applicable].