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Who’da Thunk It?

From the respected Jane’s last week (hat tip Samizdata):

Evidence emerges of Iran’s continued nuclear weapons research Documents shown exclusively to Jane’s indicate that Iran is continuing its pursuit of the advanced technologies necessary to develop a nuclear weapon, regardless of Tehran’s claims that its nuclear programme is purely peaceful. Jane’s was shown the information by a source connected to a Western intelligence service, and the documents were verified by a number of reliable independent sources in Vienna.

Presumably with all the earth-shattering events of the last few days(?), the BBC is still to run this story, in contrast to the fanfare of a few months ago when intelligence services told us that Iran was a paradise of love, peace and freedom where the nuclear research was aimed only at keeping the air conditioning on in the fluffy bunnies’ cages.

(And of course these weren’t the same intelligence services that got it so wrong about another alleged clutch of weapons of mass destruction.)
As Samizdata’s Dale Amon neatly sums it up … who’da thunk it?