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Like a Bad Smell

Comment has already been made elsewhere (including at Biased BBC) about Ken Livingstone’s too-regular appearances in the media of late. Really, anyone would think he was gearing up for a book launch or something.

The last week or so has seen the newt fancier commenting on China and the athletics meeting that’s going on there, trotting out his standard line of “we have no reason to criticise China’s action in Tibet after what we’ve done in Iraq and Afghanistan”. Well, we probably did some pretty unpleasant things during our Imperial days but that shouldn’t have stopped us having a go at Hitler. (Warning – Godwin’s Law approaching).

This morning it was the treat of listeners to Nick Ferrari on LBC, though to be fair to Nick, Livingstone has never been a stranger to that London station, where he is now finding regular genuine employment.

Ken’s real vitriol was turned on Boris because the Mayor didn’t head off on a junket to the opening ceremony of the Games in Bejing. Yet who cares? Ken’s Communist mate the Mayor of Bejing invited him over, but Boris doesn’t need to be there except at the end to receive the torch. Boris, it seems, has this old fashioned notion that the Mayor for London should spend his time in London.

Livingstone was earlier asked to give his pearls of wisdom on Boris’ first 100 days in office. “Too early to say”, said Ken, almost sounding reasonable when he welcomed the extra PCSOs on the transport network, but then thought it wrong that Boris should be appointing people from the Right to his team (as opposed, presumably, to the – ahem – broad political church that Livingstone gathered around him).

“Boris’ administration was actually more right wing than appointments like Rosie Boycott might make it appear”, he warned ominously.

I should blooming well hope so.