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Labour Chooses … And It's Good News

Labour have chosen Ken Livingstone to be their candidate for London Mayor in 2012. This is excellent news. It gives Boris’ team the chance to showcase their sustainability credentials by reusing the old but still effective ammunition that was so well employed last time, such as:

London Elections 2008, City Hall. Ken Livingst...

Ken giving his loser's speech in 2008. So that's one aspect of his 2012 campaign sorted already.

Financial issues at the LDA

Bloated bureaucracy at City Hall

*cough* Lee Jasper *cough*

Doubling of Council Tax with little to show for it

*cough* Al-Qaradawi *cough*

That’s just for starters. Add in a few dinosaur references and mentions of how comfortable Ken must be in the (striking) transport unions’ pockets offices and with a little luck one may well find that Robert will be your father’s brother … and Boris will still be Mayor.

Yes, I suspect “cock-a-hoop” might be a good way of describing Team Boris’ reaction to the nomination.

Update: An upbeat view of Ken’s nomination seems to be pretty common among the right-wing blogosphere today, with the likes of Iain Dale, The Lakelander and Mark Wallace (who also looks forward to an Ed Labour leadership victory) to name but a few, and Dizzy suggests we should be spared Ken’s weekly skit on LBC.