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A Message From Ken Livingstone

Wow. I don’t know what to say.

Actually, that’s  lie. This little message was left on my answerphone:

“Hello, my name’s xxxxxxx I’m calling on behalf of the Ken Livingstone for Mayor campaign.”


“Ken’s asked me to give you a quick call to ask your opinions on London …”

Oh, has he really? How could he not have read the less than complementary things this highly regarded and respected blogger I have ever said about Ken (too many to link to)?

“… and if you have any main issues or concerns at the moment.”

Funnily enough yes. Particularly the concern that there might be a theoretical chance that he could get in again. I could have a moan about some things that Boris hasn’t done yet (getting a grip on TfL for one) but he has still done a far better job like Ken did.

“We’ll call you back at a more convenient time.”

Yes, try 4th May 2012 – I expect Ken will have plenty of time to call me in person then.