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Squatting is Theft, Even When the State’s Doing It

Squatters in Copenhagen demonstrating for more...

Astoundingly deep political philosophy you have there.

Judge Fiona Henderson is not fit to sit in a court.

That’s a strong statement, I know, from a conservative. All judges are human, and so make mistakes from time to time. However, when a judge seems to have almost no understanding of the basic tenets of freedom and rule of law that they are supposed to be safeguarding, then I have to conclude that they have gone off the reservation, and should either be re-captured or shot* for the good of innocent members of the public.

Squatters should be encouraged because they bring empty homes back into use, a judge said yesterday.

Fiona Henderson ruled they were not criminals and there was no evidence they carried out more anti-social behaviour than rent-paying tenants.

Not anti-social. I see … because theft (even if it is only a civil offence at present – is in no way anti-social of course.

Her judgment is a blow to the thousands every year who see their homes invaded – and struggle through the courts to win them back

Yet the judge dismissed claims that squatting victims faced high costs and that those occupying council or housing association properties were queue jumpers.

I pity anyone who came before her claiming any loss of income, since the latter clearly doesn’t count as a “cost” in Henderson-world.

She ordered a list of empty homes in North London to be made public to the Advisory Service for Squatters, an East London-based organisation known as the ‘estate agency for squatters’.

Let’s be clear. Squatting is illegal (in Scotland, rightly) and will soon be so in England (rightly). That’s because it is depriving someone of their property, even if only for a limited period. The judges’ ruling prompted a discussion on LBC radio yesterday where a number of former squatters justified their actions, saying that the year or so they spent squatting enabled them to save up a deposit for a place of their own.

No, you morally deficient ignorami, you stole the money for your deposit since you were living rent-free without the consent of your unwilling landlord.

Naturally, as so often when either illegal or morally questionable acts are committed, the left are ready to justify it with either pseudo-philosophical claptrap, or blatant class hatred, all underpinned by a convenient disregard for property rights. Property is theft, innit? These houses are laying around not being used, so why not?

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