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BBC Bias: One Step Forward …

Billy Joel performing in Jacksonville, Florida...

Joel good, Manford bad

Yes, I know I’m a bit behind the news here, but it seems Jason Manford has been read his future by BBC management after he spoke out against poor equipment provision for the troops recently.

In fact, he exacerbated his crime by criticising the Beeb’s coverage of the Help for Heroes concert. Now while I agree with Manford on both counts, he is now a part (albeit a semi-detached one) of the BBC collective and thus needs to mind himself when it comes to overt political activism. So, maybe some brownie points are due to the Beeb for actually doing something about bias on the part of one of its presenters, even though Manford has given no hint of any bias on his work on The One Show. Sadly though I suspect that, just like Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran (who lost their BBC parking privileges after attacking the licence fee), his real crime was to show his teeth to the mouth that is currently feeding him. Perhaps, then, we’ll suspend our praise.

One has to wonder, though, if the same finger wagging would have been directed at any public faces of the BBC who spoke out against, say, the Iraq War?

Whatever, the suspended brownie point awarded above must be forfeited thanks to the efforts of Simon Mayo’s efforts last Thursday (17th) during his Drivetime show on Radio 2.

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